Our Story

A Journey of Over 20 Years

“Life Restoring & Life Rewarding. Principles and education designed to elevate you to a better state of health and wealth.”

Orey Young, Be Young Total Health


Push the envelope of your understanding and make a difference in the lives of those around you. Our education program helps you become more aware of yourself, of the barriers to health, and the best way to educate others.


Become more. Commit to a higher state of health and wealth. Understand the principles of financial, mental, physical, and emotional success. Elevate others to a higher state of living.


Fostering Life Rewarding and Life Restoring health and wealth allows you to experience a vitality you’ve never known. Expose the real you, reveal what a life free from barriers can be.


Learn from a variety of professionals how to excel in your journey to change lives. Become more, learn more, and lead others to more.