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Our payment gateway checks for address and name validation. Please confirm the billing information you entered matches completely with the billing address on your credit card.

We offer a three (3) days refunds policy on purchase of our digital goods provided that no course work has been started on the course purchased. However, since we deal with digital goods, we honor requests for refunds for the following reasons:

Non-delivery of the product: Due to an issue with the mail, you do not receive a delivery e-mail from us. Depending on the price of the product, may require you to first submit proof that you have submitted a report to the mail service describing the missing item;

Download issues: You have problems that prevent you from downloading the product.Be Young recommends that you contact the support team for your browser provider, as Be Young ensures that our software can be downloaded with all major browsers, and this problem usually arises from a customer’s issue with either their browser, firewall, or network;

Irreparable defects with the software: Although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur. This reason should be submitted to our Support Team for its approval of your refund request;

Product not-as-described: A request based on this reason is addressed on a case-by-case basis and subject to our approval. To prevent this kind of claim from arising, every customer is encouraged to check free samples ( in the form of video overviews, demo links, product samples, screen shots) of each type of the product offered before making a purchase.

Be You Academy offers a scholastic certification for completing courses. Meaning we certify that you completely all course work required to complete the course you registered for. This does not license you to act as a license professional nor provide professional services.
Be You Academy is currently working to receive national continuing education credit. However, we are still in the process of receiving approval. Once we do receive our accreditation an alumni to the courses we currently offer will receive the opportunity to take a refresher course for free where they can receive the CEU’s.
If you wish to no longer receive our emails you can either make a request via email to, or use our easy unsubscribe feature in the email you received.
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Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a logged in via a social media account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

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